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One of our favorite parts of the job is KIDS coaching! What a pleasure to share our passion with the youngest, mostly over-motivated and progressing very quickly!

From the first steps on a push bike or the first pedal turns, to the first descents of green tracks, learning is wide! Bike Experience allows young people to discover mountain biking confidently, safely and at their own pace.

For the little ones (2 to 5 years old) we recommend 2 hours individual lessons in order to optimize the child’s learning. Each little mountain biker understands the bike differently and it is easier to personalize the session to take all advantage of it !

For older children who are already comfortable on the bike, we accept groups of 2/3 children of similar level. We will approach the first notions of riding technique, and put all of this into practice on the small mountain bike!

Our experience in competition also allows us to engage in the development of young competitors in order to prepare them for the “challenge des jeunes VVTistes”: TRJV and TFJV.

Being unionized MCF (French Cycling Instructor), we have the possibility to reward the children according to the progression of the label: Loupiot, Biclou, Biker 1, 2, 3…

Today, the material has evolved a lot for children. If you do not have a proper mountain bike or suitable protective equipment, you can contact our partner stores.

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