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Downhill Mountain Biking Lessons for Kids

One of the aspects of coaching that we prefer is working with KIDS! It’s such a joy to share our passion with the younger ones, who are usually super motivated and progress very quickly!

From their first steps on a balance bike or their first pedal strokes, to their first descents on green trails, the learning curve is wide! Bike Experience allows the youngest riders to discover mountain biking with confidence, safety, and at their own pace.

For the little ones (2 to 5 years old), we recommend individual 2-hour lessons to optimize the child’s learning. Each young rider approaches biking differently, so personalizing the session helps them gain all the benefits!

For the older kids who are already comfortable on a bike, we accept groups of 2/3 children with similar skill levels, or we offer half-day or full-day camps. We’ll cover the basics of riding technique and put it all into practice on the trails!

The benefits of starting Downhill Mountain Biking with an instructor:

  • Discover downhill mountain biking with confidence
  • Learn safety rules and priority in the bike park
  • Master the basics of riding:
    • Starting correctly
    • Maintaining balance on the bike
    • Proper braking control
    • Choosing the right trajectory
    • Negotiating small obstacles
    • Stopping safely
    • etc.
  • Explore bike park trails suited to your child’s level
  • And most importantly, enjoy some blueberry snacks with our instructor Lilou 🙂

Our experience in competition also enables us to commit to the development of young competitors, preparing them for the challenges of young mountain bikers’ competitions: TRJV (Regional Mountain Biking Youth Challenges) and TFJV (French Mountain Biking Youth Challenges).

Today, equipment for children has evolved significantly. If you don’t have suitable mountain bikes or protective gear, you can get in touch with our partner stores.

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